Peony Flower Jar of the Day

Peony Flower Jar of the Day

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    Fluffy, puffy, squishy, blooms of bliss. Peonies are here for a limited time. You will receive a beautiful big Peony bloom with other mixed flowers and foliage, specially chosen for the day to accompany.

    All Flower Jars from Blooming Blossoms are approximately 25-30cm tall including mason jar and flowers. They are approximately 15-20cm wide, dependant on flower and foliage types used on the day.

    Each peony flower jar includes a peony and some other main flowers like roses, or disbuds. We then mix it up with some secondary flowers like Chrysanthemum, Sweet William, Statice, Carnations. Finally we add some seasonal greenery like gum, viburnum or mock orange.


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