Why using Afterpay to send flowers is so good!

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A little over a year ago an exciting new company began. Why is it so exciting? Well, that's because unlike traditional laybys of the past, you can now 'Afterpay' your items.

The big difference is that the old style of layby required you to pay a deposit and completely pay off your items before you received them and of course it was only for products at stores that had storage facilities large enough to hold all that layby stock. The new player in the game 'Afterpay' allows you to take the items on the day and then you pay them off in four even installments over eight weeks. The items are no longer stored by the store that you bought them from either, relieving them of a logistics nightmare. Who hasn't had a missing layby item, or a missing layby!

The new 'Afterpay' also opened up to other non traditional layby stores, like floristry. At Blooming Blossoms we have had Afterpay since they began. We were the first Florist to take on Afterpay as a payment method. We could fully see the potential of how it could be so useful and how easy they make it. People could now make larger purchases with ease and pay off in small instalments, not breaking the bank and not taking out a line of credit to do so.

In the year we have had Afterpay it has been used as one of the primary payment methods, its very popular and we haven't looked back since offering it. We found people love to use it on products like our subscription gifts. Flower Subscriptions are a weekly flower delivery to a loved one and is one of our top end products for gifts. We offer a Bouquet of the Day subscription and also a Flower Jar of the Day subscription. They have been primarily sent as fantastic gift ideas for mum, wives, best friends for their birthdays and of course they were a hugely popular as floral Mothers Day gifts.

For more information on Bouquet of the Day Subscriptions, click HERE

and to learn more about Afterpay, you can visit the Afterpay site HERE



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