Sending Peonies and how to get them to open?

Posted by Lauren Harrison on

Who doesn't love peonies? Well, i have to admit that i didn't at first. That is until i saw a bunch open up for the first time.

For those of you who don't know, when you receive peonies they look like this weird, tight ball of petals. They're really quite odd. I actually call them dragon eggs. And then BOOM, they open up and as the days go on they get more and more fluffy and spectacular.

Sometimes when peonies arrive, the ball of petals is really quite tight and sometimes they wont open. But how do people get them to open? Well, my tip to you is this. An age old florist trick is to actually bang them on a table to loosen them off and then gently pull the outside petals outwards without damaging them. You will notice the petals will open up with a little teasing and soon you will have a gorgeous big bloom to look at.

The most common peonies you will see are the pale pink Sarah Bernhardt. There are also crimson, white, darker pinks.

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