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Today i thought i'd explain a little about our business model and why ordering your flowers through Blooming Blossoms is so easy.

So as you may or may not know, we started our delivering flowers only in the Greater Brisbane area. We found a quick fame for our cute little, daily posy bunches. The posy bunches were quite fun and a great way to get our business up and running but after a while we wanted to address expansion. It has always been our dream to have an online Australia wide flower delivery company, and not just another order gathering company that over promises and then outsources the deliveries to underpaid local florists. But a proud Australian company that delivers exactly what you ordered to any location in Australia. We strongly believe in paying our workers ethically and using an ethical business model that does not exploit third world labour or underpay Australians. A practice that is rife in the floral industry, sadly.

So around December last year, we went through a few big changes on our website that were implemented over a course of months. It was important to roll out each change one by one to ensure customers and quality were not affected by any changes or hiccups during the changes. Some of the big changes we implemented were:

  • Expansion of delivery zones from Greater Brisbane suburbs to most of the east coast of Australia. We now deliver from Mackay to Sydney and everywhere in between.
  • A minimum order value. Yes, we could no longer do the posy bunches as the profits simply cannot accommodate interstate refrigerated shipping.
  • New products. We are always trying to add new products and will continue to do so as our name gets out there more.
  • Afterpay. We offer Afterpay on all of our flower products.
  • Zip Pay. Since October this year, we now offer Zip Pay to customers to help with affordability.
  • New packaging. We send all of our flowers in a gift box and secured to avoid tampering, or damage during transit. They are all sent with their own water supply and in refrigerated/air-conditioned trucks.

We've made it so easy to order flowers from Blooming Blossoms. We have a large delivery range, beautiful products that always arrive in great condition, and fast express shipping.  Ordering flowers from Blooming Blossoms is straight forward, and online help is always available for enquiries. With Afterpay and Zip Pay, your flowers are also affordable.


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