Best value birthday flowers with delivery in Brisbane and Sydney

Posted by Lauren Harrison on

Every now and then its someone specials birthday and its so nice to send them flowers, but how to send the most bang for your buck. 

Let's start with what everyone thinks first roses... Roses are fabulous, and scented and pretty to look at, but on the down side they are very delicate and not very hardy. Some great alternatives to Roses are:

  • Disbud Chrysanthemum - Large fluffy chrysanthemums around the size of 15cm wide. They come in a range of natural and dyed colours that are fun. They are scented and very long lasting. In fact i have some in my house right now that sprouted roots in the water and have been lasting for around two months so far - a total surprise!


  • Lisianthus - They have a rose like appearance and colourings, but dont have the price tag. They have stems with around two or three flowers on each stem and nice green leaves. They are not scented but they do have that classic elegant look that you might be wanting to achieve with sending roses.


  • Spray Rose - The completely underrated little sister to roses. Spray roses are scented exactly the same as larger roses. The colourings are very similar. They look very similar, except on each stem there will be about five rose buds or flowers. The main difference is the lifespan. In comparison, the spray roses will last a lot longer than the larger roses, and they cost less, so you get more value for money.


  • Rainbow Disbuds - Big gorgeous dyed chrysanthemums are always a favourite. Super long lasting and super dooper colourful, rainbow flowers. You can get rainbow roses but they usually don't last that long, these guys will last ages!


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